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November 30: Meet Betty Boo! This old gal was surrendered to DDB Blue Ridge today. It was a heart-wrenching experience for me and her owners. We’ve known this family for several years and have become very fond of them. We’ve been through quite a few situations with them over the years and they are part of our DDBBR family. They have had Betty Boo since she was a puppy. Tears were shed by me and them but, in the end, they chose to let her twilight years be spent living inside to ensure she is more comfortable. We’re not sure if Betty Boo can survive another winter outside and when her time comes we all agreed she should have dignity, be warm and comfy, and have access to pain management if needed. She had a stroke over the summer and hasn’t been the same since then. Thanks to DDBBR volunteers Juliana Bush and her mother, Nancy, for taking Betty Boo to VETSS for us. Thanks Dr. Edie Oliver for taking such great care of our girl. Thanks to Michelle Moshier and Alex for assisting at this property today. Betty Boo will stay at VETSS tonight. We are looking for a foster to take this sweet girl into their home. I don’t want to call this “hospice” foster because she may have lots of time left OR she may not. She can be a DDBBR foster dog for the rest of her life if no one wants to adopt her. This means we will cover any medical needs, food, etc.... for her foster family. If you are interested In Fostering her please fill out an application here:…

If you think you MIGHT be able to help but need more info please feel free to call me at 301-697-1774.



November 27: Update Kai! He has settled in quickly at his temporary foster home with Toni Hoy! He will stay there until Sunday when his new foster mom Emily will take over! DDB Blue Ridge has temporary custody of Kai and is fostering this 13 yo distinguished gentleman until his person can find a new home where he is allowed. He had a bath and was vetted. Results from his senior blood work show his creatinine level is elevated, but the Dr. suspects dehydration. Kidney function normal! He is on meds for Lymes disease and Vetprofin for arthritis. He has transitioned from living on a tether outside and into a comfy home very nicely! We know Kai is happy to be away from the buzzards who were harassing him! I suspect he’ll be thrilled to never see a buzzard again



November 27: ACE Update! We just got this update from Ace’s Fosters 😍😍😍. Oh, my heart! Look how he has transitioned from life on a chain to life inside.  

From foster moms Blair and Bridget....
“I came home from an overnight trip and he has come out of his shell so much in 24 hours!! He’s on every couch and bed in the house and playing with toys with buffy and roughhousing with Borden. He really is trying to take anything he can. He even tried to gently sneak my cell phone out of my hands and walk off with it 🤣

Ace kept trying to sneak off with this Santa cap so I gave him the full experience of wearing it 😆 “



November 23: When Jonathan and Ashley agreed to give Poppy a chance we were all hopeful that their other DDBBR adopted dog, Dixie, would take her in as a little sister and love her! We weren’t sure if she would be cool with a new little one getting lots of attention. Turns out, we were worried about nothing! Dixie has accepted this little one into her life and Poppy is now her BFF. Love getting these awesome, happy updates from our adopters!



November 23: Meet Kai! This 13 year old Cattle Dog/Norwegian Elkhound is off his chain and into temporary custody with DDB Blue Ridge until his person can find a place to live where Kai is allowed. His person is letting us help so he doesn’t have to spend the winter chained outside and also will get him away from all the buzzards who have been harassing him. Stay tuned for more details on his journey with us!



November 20: Meet Harley! DDB Blue Ridge had a field day in Augusta County today. We delivered a new house, straw, pine, no tip water bucket and other essentials to this sweet girl today. Will follow up soon about a spay as well as a big pen for her so she is not chained. Thanks Dot Terry for helping us out today! You da best, lady!



November 20: DDB Blue Ridge had a field day today and we met some really amazing dogs and a very nice woman! Today was our first time meeting so we got to know each other and left some food and straw. We’re going to deliver a dog house soon and talk about some spay and neuter and some fencing/pens! Thanks to Dot Terry for going out with me today. It was super fun to cuddle with these nuggets!



November 17: He found a foster home! Tonight is the first night Ace will ever spend inside someone’s house. We are doing a trial run and hope this is a good fit but if it’s not that’s ok because this is the beginning of his journey to learn what type of home he will thrive in! He’s off a chain and beginning to learn how to be someone’s beloved pet. Thanks to Alandra for transporting him tonight from boarding to foster! Thanks to our amazing foster power couple, Blair and Bridget, for giving Ace an opportunity to learn how to be an inside dog and beloved pet. We’ll get an update from his fosters over the next few days and will update. We’re all rooting for you, Ace! You got this boy. You are now in loving and capable hands. No matter what it takes, you WILL have a happy ending. Stay tuned for Ace’s journey to his forever home!

NOVEMBER 13: This family was one of the first DDB Blue Ridge families we became close with. The man who owned Ace is a bear hunter and I’m a tree huggin’ animal lover. You might be surprised to know we actually like and respect each other even though we don’t agree on many things! Ace is the 6th dog he has decided to surrender to us. I appreciate that if he decides one of his dogs is not a good Bear hunter or if they age out he does the right thing and contacts us. Trust me, some decide on other less humane alternatives.



November 1: PRINCESS WAS SURRENDERED to DDB Blue Ridge today!!!! 🙌🥰🐾

We are thrilled to announce this sweet Shepherd will be available for adoption after she is spayed next Tuesday. Today I talked to her owner and she was the one was actually initiated the conversation and said to me, “if you can find Princess a home where she can live inside and get more attention and care that would be good, wouldn’t it?”. We had a great talk and both of us were crying at one point. I let her know that I admired her making the selfless decision to let her go even though she loves Princess. She wants more than anything for Princess to not live on the chain and be inside a home. She could not live inside her house because she has cats inside and Princess can NOT live with cats. 

DDB Blue Ridge is going to help this woman with all the cats on her property. She is completely overwhelmed by them and the constant breeding. She is doing the best she can to take care of them but it’s difficult, financially and emotionally. Some have been killed by dog attacks and others hit by cars. She only wants these cats to be safe and well cared for.

BIG THANKS to Betsy Ballenger from The CAT Action Team. She is going out there with me next week to trap. BIG THANKS to Renee Clark with Cats Cradle. Looks like we can team up with them as well. Today Roz Willis drove out there to get surrender paperwork signed for Princess and took photos of the cats she could get to who need help! We’ll post them once she gets the photos and info all together for me. 

Here’s to the beginning of a new life for Princess! She will never be on a chain again 🥰

If you are interested in fostering her beginning Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning please fill out an application.…
She is dog friendly but NOT cat friendly. LOVES all people...very affectionate, pretty chilled, and very smart. 

Thanks to all of our supporters and donors. Without you this work would not be possible.



November 1: Tonight I saw an updated profile photo from our adopter Jonathan Knight and Ashley Knight. It was our adorable pup, Poppy! Imagine how good that makes all of us at DDB Blue Ridge feel when we see our adopters do’s pretty awesome. 

I want to give a shout out to my amazing DDBBR sister Sara Senn for saving this pup along with her litter. When we were in the field that day I didn’t think he would let them go but Sara went above and beyond to make sure we got all four of these puppies surrendered and into amazing homes. 

When we can rescue Pit Bull puppies it is a huge win. Pit bulls are the most euthanized dogs in shelters and the hardest to place in homes with rescue groups. Getting them while they are young pups and placing them in good homes is the best way to save them. Thank you, Sara, for being their voice that day. Look at the good you did. Love you, lady.




DDB Blue Ridge received a report from Dr. Reeder this afternoon. Princess is heartworm negative but Lymes Positive. She is loaded with hookworms which is why she is so thin. The doctor suspects a Bladder infection but still waiting to get a urine sample. She is healthy enough to be spayed and the surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday. She will board with Animal Hospital Of Waynesboro until then. 

If anyone is interested in fostering her for about 5 days after her spay please text me at 301-697-1774 or comment below. We can’t take her back to live outside when she is healing from surgery. She must have a clean, safe, indoor home while she heals. 

We will have a conversation with Princess’s owner about alternatives for her living situation since she will only get reinfected with the hookworms eventually if she is chained in that same area again. For now, she is being pampered and treated like royalty by the kind team at the vet office



October 31: Kittens and cats everywhere in Goshen, VA! Who are the TNR people in this county (AUGUSTA)? They need help there or this will never end. I wish DDB Blue Ridge could take this on but there is no way we can handle it with all the dogs whom we have to help. 

Today we found what we always do here....a crazy amount of cats and kittens. Until there is a TNR group to help it will never end. 

We did what we could today. We had a plastic tub with a hole cut into it for the kitties to go inside. We stuffed it with tons of straw and left it on the person's porch for the tiny outdoor kitties who just roam around. When we go back to this property we will bring another and hopefully, these shelters will help keep these outdoor kittens and cats warm with cold weather coming. 

If anyone can help these kitties at this property please text or call me at 301-697-1774. I’ll give you the physical address and all of the people in this area will be so happy to stop the constant litters of kittens here.



October 31: Meet Princess! DDB Blue Ridge has been visiting this dog for about a year now but today when we stopped in to deliver straw and food we found her to be much skinnier than usual so her person agreed to let us take her to the vet. She will be vaccinated, fully vetted, and spayed once Dr. Reeder tells us she is healthy enough for surgery. 

Tonight she is staying with the kind people at Animal Hospital of Waynesboro. We will receive the results of her heartworm and tick-borne disease test, fecal test, and get the results of her overall health. 

This 5-year-old Shepherd is truly an amazing dog. She has been chained a long time but shows no fear and no aggression. She is so damn smart and loving! While she is under our care we will spoil her rotten, as it should be.

Thanks to all of our donors who allow us to be able to take dogs in need to the vet and deliver food and other supplies! 

Thanks to DDB volunteer, Carol Reynolds, for going out with me today. She is a natural in the field. So happy to have Carol on our team!



October 30: Happy GOTCHA Day, Ronny! Ronny (left) came to us at about 8-10 years old with a very large abscess on her neck, overweight and with some eye issues. Surgery removed the abscess and she has lost about 12 pounds now and is stunning!! 

She was fostered with The Fretwells, who previously adopted Sampson (right) from us. Ronny was one of those dogs that just didn’t want to be indoors and it has taken months for her to really enjoy it. She has quite the personality and is best buds with Sampson. 

These days she races the other dogs up the hill each morning, sings the song of her people when dinner is running late and taps her paw at her dad when she’s ready for bed. When Ronny’s ready for bed, it’s time to go! 

The Fretwells fell in love with her and decided to make it permanent! Congratulations Ronny! You couldn’t have found a more perfect home! 

#offthechainva #bluetick #fosterfail#repeatadopter #adoptdontshop#rescuedogsrock



October 30: We covered 4 different counties.....Albemarle, Nelson, Orange, and Fluvanna. 176.6 miles on good old faithful Gertie (our van). Thanks to DDBBR volunteers, Celeste and Kimberly, for spending the entire day with DDBBR! 6 properties were visited and all were what we call “cold calls.” We’ve never met these folks but knocked on their doors today to see if they would like any help. 

One door slammed in our face but that’s ok! One property needed a call to Animal Control. One was reported to us but when we arrived there were no dogs outside. At the other 3 properties we met some great humans and dogs (Some kitties too).

Sweet girl S’mores will receive a new doghouse, a large pen so she can get off the chain, and she will be spayed and vetted soon! Lulu and Maverick are inside dogs but Lulu needs to be spayed (maverick is already neutered). Maverick will receive another basic vetting. 

Dog food, flea and tick preventative, straw, water buckets, and cat food was given out today. Thanks to all our donors for your continued support so we can offer this service to our community. (Not pictured: Lulu, S'mores, and Maverick) #Grateful 



October 29: Picked up a dog house today for our next fence build dog, Shadow! Thanks to Girl Scout Troop #8125 for building this for Dogs Deserve Better Blue Ridge! They put a personal touch on this house and painted it a lovely shade of sage green plus tagged it with their troop number. Girl Scouts really know how to rock it out and give it some flair.



October 27: Congratulations to Poppy on her new home! Poppy is one of four puppies recently surrendered to us. She has gone into a foster to adopt home with the Knight’s who previously adopted Dixie, another Dogs Deserve Better Blue Ridge dog! Thank you to the Knight’s for opening your hearts to another of our dogs. We know Poppy will have a wonderful life! 

#puppybreath #ddbbralumni #fostertoadopt #adoptdontshop#rescuedogsrock



October 27: Congratulations Portia, now Stevie, on your new home! Stevie is one of four little nuggets recently surrendered to us. She will be fostered by her family until she is six months only. We’ll spay her at that time and then make the adoption official! Stevie’s new sister, Roxy, did a great job or showing her around today. They seem to be best friends already! #puppybreath #fostertoadopt#adoptdontshop #rescuedogsrock



October 26: Congratulations on your ADOPTION, Milli! This beautiful girl was heartworm positive when she came to us. She was treated and is now heartworm negative! She was adopted once but returned to us when the family felt like she just wasn’t the right fit for them. Milli and her new mom seem to really understand and appreciate each other. We are confident this match is a real love connection! #fosterssavelives#adoptdontshop #rescuedogsrock



October 26: Little Pippa went home today!! The Owens family just couldn’t resist her and we are thrilled for everyone! We don’t spay and neuter until pups are six months old, so the Owens family will foster Pippa until then. We will spay her and make the adoption official at that time. Congratulations to Pippa and her wonderful new family! 
#fostertoadopt #puppybreath #pippathepuppy#adoptdontshop #rescuedogsrock



October 26: Casey #OffTheChain TODAY! Woot woot! Much love to all the Dogs Deserve Better Blue Ridge volunteers for giving their Saturday morning to build a fence for sweet Casey. It was a very good day working alongside such kind and fun people. We finished by noon. Special shout out to our fearless fence leader, Lisa Hyatt! She has taken our fence build program to another level and DDBBR is so lucky to have her amazing leadership and expertise.



October 25: UPDATE Ramsey (formerly Brownie)! Tonight this sweet boy finally went inside a home! He is fostering with a dear woman who is a friend of mine. When she saw the video of him we filmed at the vet and saw how afraid he is she was drawn to him and wanted to help. Anita Cline Honbarrier used to have a dog with similar fears and feels comfortable helping Ramsey come out of his shell and learn how to be a happy, beloved member of a family! 

Before he went to Anita’s tonight he met another family who might be interested in fostering but we all agree having him inside a home this week end will help us all decide which type of home is best for him. It’s hard to know right now because since DDB Blue Ridge took him off his chain he has only been in boarding. Now we can see if he will become comfortable, if he has separation anxiety or not, if he is house trained...etc...

Since I have known Ramsey I have never seen his tail is always tucked. I have never heard him bark or make any type of sound. He is just so inside himself and doesn’t know how to “DOG” yet. He LOVES cuddles and just wants to be next to all people but even while he is being petted and loved on his tail is tucked and he is nervous. He did relax for a minute tonight when he sat on Anthony’s lap. He really bonded with him tonight within 15 minutes. 

Ramsey is in the beginning stages of his journey. I have no doubt this beautiful boy will eventually come out of his shell and learn how to relax and enjoy life but it will take some time. He was chained his whole life on a tiny patch of dirt with minimal socialization and no exposure to the real world. Everything is scary right now. A door shutting, walking through doorways, getting into cars.......all of this is new and overwhelming for him but he will be OK. He is one of the the most gentle, loving souls I’ve worked with. We are all rooting for Ramsey! You got this, sweet boy ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you to Herc's Haven and Woodworth Animal Hospital for providing such great care for him since he was surrendered. We would be lost without our boarding and vet partners!



October 13: Congratulations on your ADOPTION, Bear! Sweet Bear fell perfectly in step with his foster family right off the bat and this weekend they made it official! He loves farm life and adores the kiddos as you can see from the photos. We couldn’t be happier for this guy’s whirlwind story. He went from chained to adopted in less than a month! #offthechainva #fromlonelytoloved #fosterssavelives #adoptdontshop #rescuedogsrock



October 10: Thanks to our new DDB Blue Ridge volunteers... Badrani, Carol, and Danielle for going out into the field with me today! We went to 3 houses and met 27 dogs between these 3 homes. One was surrendered and already has a foster home! Two dogs are waiting to be surrendered to us and we are currently working on finding fosters for them so they can get off their chains.

The rest of these babies are going to be a process. We have prioritized a few to get medical attention sooner. One dog named Bear Bear was limping and had an injured back leg so he’ll get medical care ASAP. Lots of them need spayed/neutered and a few just need to be up to date on their was a lot to process but thanks to our stellar and super organized volunteer, Badrani, we have thorough documentation! Yay for her because I’m super terrible at paperwork 😖

It’s a work in progress and we are working with the appropriate people to make sure all ends well for the dogs and the humans 😍 stay tuned....just know we NEED FOSTERS so be pro-active and put an application in so it’s already done if surrenders happen.🙏. Here is the link to foster, y’all!....



October 10: Meet Brownie. His person wanted to surrender him to Dogs Deserve Better Blue Ridge today and, Oh, how I wanted to load him into the van today!! 😞


Because we don’t have our own facility (YET!) and we didn’t have a foster lined up we are going to try something different.


Brownie was nervous and a little fearful today so we’re going to take this slow. We will set up a vet appointment where he will be neutered sometime over the next week or so. We are looking for a Foster who is willing to give us one week after his neuter. We will have a trainer come work with Brownie and we’ll all get to know him better during this week. Once we do that, we will know better what his needs are and how to place him in the right home.


He is a very handsome approx 1 1/2 - 2 year old boy who has only known life at the end of a chain. We want to change his life forever! Please consider giving us one week to try and figure out his best path moving forward. We will most likely set the appointment sometime late next week.


Please call or text me at 301-697-1774 if you want to discuss this or fill out our foster application here:

Thanks to our volunteers today.... Carol Reynolds, Danielle Berry, and Badrani De Silva
You all were amazing!



October 9: Happy GOTCHA Day, Chance! This beautiful boy was surrendered to us with 2 other dogs and three kittens from a property where the resident was being evicted and the landlord wanted to help the animals get into a better situation.


He went to stay with experienced fosters Jamie & Preston and they decided they had to make it permanent! He is affectionately called Mr Marshmallow and it’s obvious why! Congratulations on your spectacular new life,  Chance!


#fosterfail #rescuedogsrock #adoptdontshop #chancegotachance #husky #marshmallow



October 9: Morning session with these sweet babes! If you’re interested in adopting one of these cuties please go to and fill out an application. They are ready for their forever homes!

October 5: Drum Roll Please 🥁🥁🥁...

Introducing Dogs Deserve Better Blue Ridge’s 4 new puppies! Meet Poppy, Portia, Pippa, and Penny ❤️❤️❤️They are 6 weeks old and up until 3 days ago lived in the dirt with their chained mom, Alibi.


Sara Senn is taking mom to the vet this week and we are working with her owner to try and convince him to stop breeding and let us have her spayed so she can live inside!



October 8: DDB Blue Ridge visited a property that was reported to us and thank God someone let us know about them. We had to walk through the woods about 1/4 of a mile to get back there and what we found was disturbing. The owner refused to let us see the mama and puppies inside the house and the dog inside the shed so we let him know we couldn’t help him. We help those who want to do the right thing. We will not enable an abusive living situation.


We called Animal Control in this county and they happen to be one of the best we work with. Very early this morning they went out with additional law enforcement and left with all 7 dogs, 4 adults and 3 tiny puppies. We will reach out to this county tomorrow to see if they want our help with any of these rescued babies. We are so grateful to our area Animal Control Officers who help us out when the situation is way above our ability to help. They work so hard and many times only get negative feedback when they often deserve praise. Please call your county and city ACO’s when you see animals who need help! They are trained and equipped to deal with these situations.


Sometimes we feel like trying to save all of them is like scooping water from the ocean with a teaspoon BUT for the ones we save it means the world to them ❤️❤️❤️


Thank you to our brand new volunteer Carol for going with us and handling this like a pro. Thanks to my DDB sister, Petrina Ray, for being there with me once again to deal with this cold call. #ItTakesAVillage



October 8: UPDATE ON ADOPTABLE ROSEY 🌹her foster shared this update on our sweet Rosey who is finally learning to dog: “After 3+ months of living with me, Rosey FINALLY decided she was secure enough here to help herself to the couch!! ❤️ Her crate has always been her sanctuary and preferred sleeping spot. Some rescued animals just need a little extra time to adjust to life off the chain, but it is so exciting when it happens. She is available for adoption through Dogs Deserve Better Blue Ridge. This little lady has come a long way and deserves a furrrever home!”

Check out her profile:



October 7: Happy GOTCHA day, Donny! This sweet boy was surrendered with his sister several weeks ago. They thrived in their foster home and now have both been adopted into their forever homes! Donny will enjoy a wonderful life with his people and Greta and Bailey, his new siblings. Congratulations Donny and family! #adopted #fosterssavelives #rescuedogsrock #adoptdontshop



October 7: MACK UPDATE from his amazing fosters: “This guy is doing SO WELL. He had his weight taken at the vet today and he is a whopping 74 pounds! We are so proud of his progress. When he was first taken in by @ddbblueridge and shortly thereafter came into our home, he weighed 57 pounds...and this was about 20 pounds *heavier* than he was when he was taken from his neglectful owners. I literally cannot imagine what he must have looked like essentially 40 pounds lighter than he is now. He is healthy, happy, great with cats, dogs, and kids....and he’s still up for adoption!”

Check out Mack’s profile:



October 6: DDB Blue Ridge Field Day 10/5/19!

We did a cold call here yesterday and met this lovely lady, Rory! She needs a new dog house so we’ll be delivering one to her this week! Rory is an inside/outside dog but needs a nice house for the times she is outside. Happy to have this new girl in our DDB BR family 🥰🐾🥰🐾



October 6: DDB Blue Ridge Field Day 10/5/19! It’s Blackjack! This sweet senior boy received a new doghouse today along with straw/pine, flea and tick preventative, treats, and lots of love. He kept shaking his head around so we checked his ears out and discovered an ear infection in his right ear. We will get him to the vet in the next couple days to get this treated and his people agreed to neuter him as well.


This family just moved here and are planning to build a fence so great days are head for Blackjack when he can get off his chain! 💚💚💚



October 6: DDB Blue Ridge field day, 10/5/19 🐾🐾🐾

Yesterday we visited our 3 hunting dog friends! They received flea and tick preventative, straw and pine, food, treats and lots of love. These 3 beauty’s love when we visit. They are also happy it’s the time of year they get to leave their pens to run in the woods when their man takes them hunting.



October 6: DDB Blue Ridge field day...Saturday, Oct 5 🐾🐾🐾

This lovely girl is Shadow! We delivered food, flea and tick preventative, and straw and pine. She received a snazzy new collar and a DDB tag....royal blue is her color 💙💙💙

We will take Shadow to the vet soon since she is long overdue for a wellness check and vacinnes. We’re hopeful Shadows owner will agree to a spay. She’s on the list for a house and we will be doubling the size of her pen!

Shadow is such a good girl and just wants ALL the lovin’ 😁



October 4: Dixie is doing well at her foster home! Yay! Thanks for your shares to help find her a safe place to stay while she is waiting to be spayed in 4 weeks.



October 4: Bear update from foster!

“Dude is tuckered out. He was a full blown farm dog today. Helped feed the horses and everything!”

Can you imagine how happy he is being able to “dog” on a beautiful farm after being confined to a 10 foot tether on a patch of dirt?!?!




October 3: Dogs Deserve Better Blue Ridge met with some great dogs and humans today! Meet Heidi, Cotton, Rocky, And Chip 😃


Their people really want to neuter two of these boys (cotton and rocky) who have been impregnating un-spayed females on this road and we are happy to oblige! The 13 year old chi/Pom mix, Heidi, could use a grooming and vacinnes/basic vetting. The senior dog, Chip, needs a wellness check and his eyes checked out. He’s an old man and his eyes are giving him some trouble! We left some food today and treated all dogs with flea/tick preventative. They’ll all be vetted soon!

Glad to have these lovebugs and nice people in our DDBBR family ❤️

Heidi, Cotton, Rocky, And Chip


October 3: Ruger Update!


We visited Ruger today and brought some pine bedding, a bully bone, food, and lots of lovin’! His person is working with us and animal control. He took Ruger to the groomer for a bath yesterday and we will be getting him to the vet soon. At this time, he doesn’t want to surrender so we’ll bring a house to Ruger soon and make his living space as comfortable as can be living outdoors and we’ll make sure he is healthy. We are still talking about having him neutered and if he agrees, Ruger can go on our list for a fence build. He is a doll and part of our DDBBR family now



October 2: DDB Blue Ridge Field Day! Today Sara and Kimberly met the most adorable one year old girl, Princess! We left a bag of food, treats, water bucket, and some pine bedding for her. She received a collar and a DDB tag with contact info and flea/tick preventative. We’ll deliver her a dog house and more panels for her pen to double the size. Princess goes inside during bad weather and she gets to run free outside her pen frequently while playing with her family. She is a very happy girl and we’re happy to have met our new friends today 😍



October 2: More DDB Blue Ridge Puppies! On today’s field day DDB left with four 6 week old Rottweiler/Pit puppies. 3 females and one male. They are fostering with Sara Senn and Lloyd Senn and they will announce their names soon! Pups were born outside to a mom on a tether and they have been living outside with their chained mom since birth.


Mom is Alibi, the pit and dad is Elkton, the Rottweiler. The owner has agreed to let us take Alibi to the vet next week. She is very thin and we want to get her checked out by a doctor. We are still in talks with the owner about having her spayed. Her owner is giving it thought which is progress!


Honey Bear also lives here and is just one of the sweetest, most gentle Rottweilers I’ve known. We will update the pups soon!



October 1: Update DIXIE! This 5 year old sweet lady is the mama of the 5 puppies Dogs Deserve Better got surrendered last week. We went back for her today. She is not being surrendered but the owner agreed to let us get her vetted and spayed! NO MORE LITTERS! 🙌😍


Dixie and DDB-BR had a bit of a long day together. She hoped in our van around 12:15 and we headed to see Dr Donald Peppard at Georgetown Vet. When he examined her he confirmed she is in heat again and we need to wait 4 weeks to have her spayed. She was completely infested with fleas. They were crawling on every inch of her body. She was given a NexGard and sprayed with frontline flea spray to kill the live fleas who were eating her up. She is heartworm negative (YAY!) but is diagnosed with Ehrlichiosis(a tick borne disease). She will be treated for this with Doxycycline.


We didn’t want to bring her back to the trailer she sleeps in at night because it is also flea infested. We also don’t want her to get pregnant again there so she’s being boarded for two nights at Woodworth Animal Hospital.


Turns out, some of those pesky fleas hid in places we didn’t see them at the vet and reappeared later so Dixie went to Kimberly’s house around 3:30 and received a nice massage and flea bath before she headed to Woodworth! 🛁 She loved it!


On Thursday Dixie will hit the road again with us and go talk to her person about some options. One of which is, we foster her for 4 weeks until she can be spayed and then we take her back to a trailer free from fleas and with no chance she will have another litter!


So...that being said, who is willing to foster this sweet petite 35 pound girl for 4 weeks??? Raise your hand 🙋‍♀️ OR text/call kimberly at 301-697-1774!



October 1: UPDATE Ruger, the silver lab. We were able to meet with Ruger’s owner today but he doesn’t want to surrender at this time. Ruger has some medical issues we will address soon and start working on trust and building a relationship. Circumstances change sometimes and people change their minds. Animal Control is aware and are working on this as well.


We’ll continue to update as we go along and appreciate all the great Lab Rescue leads everyone shared. We’ve saved them all for future reference and feel hopeful with time Ruger will be living inside a home. Send him positive thoughts and prayers ❤️❤️❤️



September 29: DogFest 2019 was a success! Thanks Patricia Boden for all your hard work to bring this fun event to our community every year. Thanks to our volunteers who helped us table and sell merch today. Thanks to our foster families for bringing Mack and Ronnie out so they could get some exposure 🐾💚🐾💚



September 28: Bear’s foster sent us this AMAZING update today! This boy is such a gem! He’s going to make a fantastic companion for some lucky family!


Bear had a big day today! He was in a crate last night and after barking for about 15 minutes, he settled down and slept all the way through the night.


He learned to navigate the tricky stairs. He socialized well with several dogs, including a very small dog. He met the pig and thought he was weird but kinda cool. He likes to make the goats jump. He thinks horses are the biggest dogs he has ever seen. He met the barn cat and was pretty cool about it. He practiced a little bit of recall off his leash and was excellent. He has had no potty accidents in the house.🤞🏻He rode in the truck to a horse show and practiced his leash manners while he waited.


He learned that toddlers are small but maybe a little bit scary, but also that they almost always have ketchup or peanut butter on their faces to lick off. He handles kids playing without getting stressed and without joining them and jumping or getting too rough.

The most interesting thing I observed is that my two-year-old got sick around the middle of the day. Just spiked a high fever and started feeling really poorly. Bear noticed and checked on him repeatedly, just putting his nose on my son’s hand on the bed. He knew something was up. Very perceptive and very gentle!

All in all a big day and a very successful one. He’s a natural!



September 28: Hard work, patience and tolerance are just three of the things that make Jeffrey a Hufflepuff! This gorgeous boy is a retired hunting dog and patiently waiting for his forever home!

#dogsaremagicaltoo #hufflepuff #jeffreythegentleman #adoptdontshop 




September 28: Troy is a modest fellow, seemingly unaware of his handsomeness. Add his patience and loyalty to that and he’s an obvious Hufflepuff! He’s still in search of his forever home!



September 27: UPDATE PIXIE! Pixie has been renamed “Cassidy” by her foster mom....soon to be ADOPTED mom! Cassidy was surrendered a few weeks ago from a situation where she was left in a house 24/7 without electricity in the extreme summer heat. She was inside there with two other dogs and 3 kittens. Dogs Deserve Better Blue Ridge took ALL of them....even the kittens!


Since then, Cassidy has been fully vetted other than her spay. She was in heat when we pulled her so need to wait a bit to spay her. She is ending her heat cycle so we have scheduled her spay soon.


Her new mom, Kate, is amazing! Kate and Cassidy have already developed a strong bond and Kate told us that Cassidy is hers 😍. We will finish the adoption paperwork after Cassidy is spayed.


Look at how much her life has changed! She is now loving life taking hikes and having her very own kind human who takes such great care of her! She was infested with fleas, hot as hell trapped inside an abandoned house, and in heat when we found her. Now, she is so comfortable and healthy and living her best life with an amazing mama! Doesn’t get any better than this ❤️


Thanks to all of you who support our work and donate. We couldn’t do this without you. Most of the dogs we pull need lots of medical care due to years of neglect. We get discounts at our vets but it’s still our biggest expense by far. We feel like it’s worth the investment though because if a dog is suffering from medical issues they do not have good quality of life.


Thanks to our fosters and adopters! We can continue to keep pulling new dogs in need because all of YOU step up and save these precious souls.

#FostersSaveLives #AdoptDontShop #DDBblueridge



September 27: UPDATE BEAR! What a difference 48 hours makes ❤️. On Wednesday, Dogs Deserve Better Blue Ridge pulled Bear off his chain. Since then he has been fully vetted and neutered! This one year old big boy is a gem. He is so smart, happy, and eager to please!


This afternoon we transported him to a foster family. We introduced him to his foster dog brother, Murphy. All went well but Murphy let Bear know he was the boss and Bear was not reactive at all. In fact, he backed away but still was wagging his tail like, “hey dude, let’s play!” 😂


We will see how things go here and are hoping it works out. If it does, after a few weeks we’ll start promoting him for adoption. Our fosters can give us lots of insight after living with our dogs so we can make sure to match them to the perfect forever home!


Thanks so much for connecting us to this lovely family Amanda Reefer Urban!
Amy Hammer... FYI, Murphy (formally Chase) is an ADA alumni 😍


Thanks to our vet partner Animal Health Care Center in Waynesboro for taking such great care of this sweet boy! Thank you Cathy Shifflett for managing all of his vet care.

#FostersSaveLives #OffTheChainVA #ShepherdMix #DDBblueridge #AdoptDontShop #CantKeepAGoodDogDown #BearAlwaysSmiles #BearLivingHisBestLife



Update Chance!

This sweet boy has a great story since his rescue a few weeks ago. Dogs Deserve Better Blue Ridge pulled him from a situation where his people were getting evicted and were not really living there anymore. They left him and all the other animals inside the house without electricity. It was pretty stinky to say the least! 3 dogs and 3 kittens using the bathroom inside without having access to outdoors!


Once he was surrendered our amazing fosters offered to foster him temporarily. We were going to send him up north to an wonderful group but Preston Almallen and Jamie Almallen became attached and very fond of him instantly. We regrouped and they offered to be his fosters for longer term until we could find his forever home! Yay for Chance! Chance is neutered and fully vetted! He is ready for ADOPTION now so we’re only accepting adoption applications! If you are interested in this beautiful boy please fill out an application.



She has hit the doggie jackpot with her new family! She has a loving family who includes two awesome children who love to play with her. She also has a few doggie brothers and sisters to play with and she is loving life! Here is an update from her foster mom:

”Little Gracey has settled in so well! She loves playing with her doggie brothers and sisters and her kid sister and brother too! She also loves all the toys!! You can tell she is feeling so much better and has her puppy spunk back! We love her so much!"

When I texted her foster dad tonight and expressed how grateful we are after how we found her he said, “It’s divine .... we lost a dog about two months ago and she seems to have that spirit. We couldn’t be more excited.”


Little Miss Gracey, it’s amazing that we found you and saved you. It’s even more amazing that you landed with this family. What an incredible success story! This is what keeps us going and keeps us motivated to save the neglected, chained dogs in Central Virginia.


Thanks to all our donors and supporters. We could not afford to do this without you. - Kimberly



She transferred into the foster program at Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue and went straight into a foster to adopt home! How exciting! Her people know she is slow to bond but worth the wait and they are going to take their time getting to know her. She has a new Setter friend to play with, too! Camilla spent more than a year with Fluvanna SPCA before she came to us. She learned some important dog behaviors at The Animals' House while with us and we hope this is her happily ever after! #camillatheelegant



Today I was fortunate enough to welcome a sweet pup named Dallas ( and his human!) to the DDBBR family. Dallas was given a new insulated dog house, no-tip water bucket, food bowl, a longer tether, a leash, as well as a big bag of dog food. We will be getting him to the vet soon for a skin issue and to update his vaccinations. 🐾❤️


A big thank you to this family for welcoming me into their home and allowing us to help Dallas. It’s been a great Saturday.

—Lisa DDBBR Leadership